California Association of Mortgage Professionals event Invite HTML E-blast Design

Eastern Secondary MBA HTML Invite HTML E-blast Design

ArchMIConnnect Info Graphics and HTML Email Template Design

Arch MI's Roadmap to Homeownership Web Graphics / Marketing

Digital advertisement / Front page slider

Oracle Motors UI Design

Sleek UI high end design for Oracle Motors On mouse hover / beams light up Motor wheel navigational menu inspired design HTML/CSS, coded in Dreamweaver

Arch MI's ACUMA event HTML E-blast Design

Arch MI's Regatta Reception HTML E-blast Design

Social Media Advertisment

Product 3D rendering, layout, typography design Developed for all social media platforms

Animated Gif Ads | *click to view animation

Gif ads created from 3D renderings, imagery manipulation Products include Engraving Metal Panels

Accents and Artech's Website Dev

WordPress web setup for Accents and Artech

Moz Designs E-blasts

Chain E-blast design

Accents and Artech new UI

Homepage design

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