A complete redesign and development of Popper's outdated website.

Areas of Redesign

Main Hero Graphic
The old hero image used was too busy, cluttered and not professionally shot. A new hero graphic was developed to combat this problem specifically to keep the product in focus and clear of any distractions.


Layout and Navigation
The old website did not have solid foundation for content to be laid out in an effective manner, therefore information was not dispersed in the best way possible.

A new layout and navigation menus were needed.
Identified essential content needed to house, then proceeded to architect the structure of the site.

The copy in the old site was overwhelming, it needed breathing room between segments. I recommended to cut down and condense copy dramatically, only keeping the essentials with a bit of graphic in between to keep things interesting. 

Old site lacked graphics and  photos were pixelated and were in low resolution. I recommended to have some of the product shots retaken professionally. New graphics and photography were developed to support the copy content. 

The choice of color and consistency is important to one's brand. I selected a color palette that best suited the branding of Poppers that is fun, vibrant and youthful.